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On the Main Stage!

2017 Show Schedule
10:00 Red Rum
10:40 Pirate Stories for Grownups - And Kids!
11:20 Rogue Blades
12:00 Thee Blue Beard
12:40 Black Powder Weapons
1:20 Red Rum
2:00 Rogue Blades
2:40 Thee Blue Beard
3:20 Pirate Stories for Grownups - And Kids!
4:00 Red Rum
4:40 Rogue Blades
5:20 Thee Blue Beard

The Rogue Blades
Come see the greatest swordsman that ever lived in a dual to the death with the greatest knight who ever lived. All the while the knight's little squire just wants to become a knight.

Comedy sword-fighting at its best. Audience participation is key to the fun.

Thee Bluebeard
Thee Bluebeard is looking for a crew and YOU might be it. Watch as potential candidates are hand picked, dragged from the audience and put to the test as pirates in skills of sailing, combat, navigation, dancing and dying! Every candidate still alive receives their own certificate of completion - suitable for framing! Thee Bluebeard is also authorized to marry unsuspecting or suspecting individuals on the spot... So bring your loved ones. He'll need em'for something!

Red Rum
Enjoy a lively tune from the merry band of Pirates known as Red Rum. You'll hear traditional favorites and a few parodies to lighten your mood.

Pirate Stories for Grownups - And Kids!
Pirates stories by TS Rhodes will thrill you heart and chill your bones. And every one is true!

On behalf of the Brethren of the Great Lakes and Entertaining History, we thank you for your support!

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